Boks fume over Eskort ad blitz

Eskort’s Springbok-themed guerrilla marketing campaign — a runaway success, despite the legal wrangles — is prompting debate in the ad industry about brand association with national sports teams. Eskort, maker of bacon and polony among other pork products, launched a through-the-line campaign in August to promote its cooler box product, the “Springbox”. This coincided with […]

The Future Is TikTok

By 2025, TikTok is projected to surpass Facebook in terms of user time spent on the platform, largely because of its focus on entertainment. The platform is also expanding into e-commerce, integrating in-app shopping and product tagging. This means new avenues for businesses to connect directly with consumers. A new study by the Clockwork agency, […]

Clean Up Your Act, Agencies Told

For the first time, the local advertising and marketing industry is being challenged not to work for the fossil fuel industry. A nonprofit organisation, Clean Creatives SA, has published a list of 41 agencies operating in the sector. It is the local chapter of a global movement of creatives, agencies and their clients uniting to tackle […]

Sitting in the Lap of Luxury, Both New and Old

The luxury brands market remains buoyant and is adapting to meet the needs of new and younger consumers. In South Africa, that trend is being driven by growing interest in the used, or pre-owned, category. According to the latest edition of the Bain & Co-Altagamma Luxury Study, the global luxury brands sector, which includes everything […]

Bridging the Business Gap

The gap between marketing and finance departments is widening and this isn’t just an internal issue any more, it’s a pressing challenge that threatens the core stability of organisations aiming to stay competitive. A new joint survey from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and KPMG Customer Advisory says only 10% of marketing leaders believe […]

Spur Circles the Wagons — Or Does It?

There is an adage in the marketing community that rebranding isn’t just about changing a logo, it’s risking an identity, and any organisation embarking on the journey needs to proceed with clarity, not just creativity. And that thinking is being tested by the Spur family restaurant chain, which has refreshed its look and logo. The […]

Advertising’s Hourglass Problem

The relationship between creativity and technology has long been one of contention in the advertising industry. Some see it as a hindrance to challenge, others as an opportunity. Technology has expanded the toolkit available to marketers, from data analytics that offer insights, to consumer behaviours to programmatic ad buying and the rise of AI-driven content. […]

Why TV Advertising Is in Decline

The death knell for television advertising has long been sounded, but a new study says the noise is louder, forcing the medium to consider new strategies that make it more compelling and cost-effective. The Kantar Media Reactions 2023 report, which gauges preferred advertising platforms, says while TV has never been rated highly among consumers, it […]

When Price Beats Brand

Customers, squeezed hard by food inflation, are looking carefully at the cost of their baskets. Picture: 123RF   Cost-conscious South Africans are concerned about price ahead of brand loyalty, according to new data from the Marketing Research Foundation. This is leading to a rethink in sales strategy, mainly in the fast-moving consumer goods category. The […]