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All I Find After the Love-And-Happiness Tomfoolery of Corporate Team-Building Is Inner Pique

To riff on the Groucho Marx observation, I would not want to be part of a team that would have me as a member. But somehow in this new age of contrived corporate collegiality we have no choice but to join them and participate in activities designed to promote and develop cohesion and cooperation. Some […]

How to Survive the Recession

With South Africa on the edge of recession after a larger than expected contraction in GDP, many senior marketers are re-examining their strategic planning and budget allocation. The country’s economy declined 1.3% in the fourth quarter of 2022 — three times more than the market consensus estimate of a 0.4% drop. Several marketers tell the […]

Making Friends with Data

CEO of Scopen César Vacchiano poses for a photo in front of the Scopen logo.

It’s not often those in the advertising and marketing industry are blunt and critical. It’s a sector partly built on smoke, mirrors, spin, and client retention at all costs. And so, when a little honesty is handed down, it’s not only refreshing but should be taken seriously. César Vacchiano, president and CEO of Scopen, a […]

WPP’s Tebogo Skwambane on the Art of Selling and Advising

Tebogo Skwambane

The purpose of advertising agencies has long been debated. Are they purely in the business of creating, planning, and handling advertising (and sometimes other) forms of promotion and marketing? Or has the remit now moved beyond that — to become a valued business partner, steeped in its client’s operations as well as providing intelligence and […]

Will the Next Nando’s Ad Be Written by a Bot?

Will computer programs take over commercial content creation and render advertising agencies obsolete? We might be closer to that than we think. The question has been raised by leading advertising thinker Jarred Cinman, the joint CEO of VMLY&R SA, who asks whether a computer can create more compelling, effective and persuasive content than humans. Software […]

The Future Belongs to Internet Advertising

Advertising in SA and other major markets on the African continent, which were hit hard by the pandemic, have experienced a significant rebound. So says the “PwC Africa Entertainment & Media (E&M) Outlook 2022-2026”,  which came out this week. SA’s overall E&M market exceeded pre-Covid levels (2019) in 2021, with a total industry spend of […]

Measuring the Black Diamonds

In the past 15 years there has been a “maturation” of the black middle class, with a new focus on creating generational wealth. There is now access to better education and the benefit of a longer time spent in the middle class that has strengthened financial decision-making and created a stronger long-term financial outlook. This […]

Cool Consumers Give Advertisers Hope

Brands that worry about reaching consumers will take comfort from a new global study’s finding that customers are more accepting of advertising. Research company Kantar’s “Media Reactions 2022” report says the overall increase in advertising acceptance compared with 2021 may be surprising for marketers and could signal positive changes in the conduct of advertisers and […]