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Making Friends with Data

CEO of Scopen César Vacchiano poses for a photo in front of the Scopen logo.

It’s not often those in the advertising and marketing industry are blunt and critical. It’s a sector partly built on smoke, mirrors, spin, and client retention at all costs. And so, when a little honesty is handed down, it’s not only refreshing but should be taken seriously. César Vacchiano, president and CEO of Scopen, a […]

WPP’s Tebogo Skwambane on the Art of Selling and Advising

Tebogo Skwambane

The purpose of advertising agencies has long been debated. Are they purely in the business of creating, planning, and handling advertising (and sometimes other) forms of promotion and marketing? Or has the remit now moved beyond that — to become a valued business partner, steeped in its client’s operations as well as providing intelligence and […]

Will the Next Nando’s Ad Be Written by a Bot?

Will computer programs take over commercial content creation and render advertising agencies obsolete? We might be closer to that than we think. The question has been raised by leading advertising thinker Jarred Cinman, the joint CEO of VMLY&R SA, who asks whether a computer can create more compelling, effective and persuasive content than humans. Software […]