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Small Agencies Offer Big Benefits

A new generation of independent, locally owned communication agencies is rapidly rewriting the rules of the game as brands increasingly look for more personal attention, quicker work turnaround times and added value that goes beyond rigid time sheets. Retroviral, which counts among its clients the feminine hygiene brand Lil-Lets, Blue Ribbon bread and Ryobi power […]

AI in Advertising: To Be Used With Caution

The use of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots — computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users over the internet — is already affecting the local advertising industry. Increasingly, agencies are using the technology to target customers with personalised advertisements and offers based on their individual needs. This will inevitably help reduce the cost of […]

Selling the Fact that We “Get It”

How a leading South African agency is navigating the challenges of artificial intelligence and using technology to carve out a new agency model The flurry of panic that filled our timelines in the wake of the introduction of ChatGPT was inescapable. Are copywriters redundant? Has the industry been subsumed by artificial intelligence? Do we even […]